Pro-Plan is a multi-disciplinary company:


We are a multi-disciplinary company with specialist expertise in various disciplines of engineering, with a  70% Black Empowerment shareholding. We are an experienced, capable, and innovative firm with a record of effective participation and leadership amongst its members in vitally important and complex projects.

Pro-Plan has demonstrated management competence, broad engineering and architectural understanding by designing, detailing and co-ordinating diverse engineering and architectural disciplines to effect optimum results in adhering to completion schedules, high quality, safe design and economical construction methods.




The directors and employees of the firm are dedicated to the proper and due fulfillment of all commissions to the full satisfaction of the employer/client, while at the same time maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and technical standard compatible with the type of project.

Execution of the project within the time and budget constraints laid down at the time of conception is of prime importance. The directors of the firm are Registered Professional Engineers with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and are bound to the ethical codes of conduct as laid down in terms of the Engineering 

Professions Act of South Africa. When aspects of the project fall outside the fields of expertise of the directors, it is the declared policy of the firm to employ Professional Specialists to assist with such tasks.

The core values of the company include the upholding of integrity, acquisition and transfer of knowledge, pursuit of innovation and providing the best service possible to clients, staff and communities.

The vision of the company is to be a leader in the art of engineering, architectural and development solutions.




Pro-Plan Consulting Engineers social investment program is primarily focused on uplifting the historically disadvantaged youth of South Africa, who represent the future of our country.  Pro-Plan aims to fund sustainable and visible charitable projects primarily through professional expertise, bursaries and monetary
sponsorships. It is also a priority of Pro-Plan to sponsor individuals that require financial assistance to achieve life and education goals. These activities are mainly focused on the communities that we serve. Pro-Plan’s main areas of focus are as follows:  Education; Sport; Community Projects and Charity.




The joint turnkey experience of the directors and personnel in the building industry includes all commonly employed construction methods and materials. Structural Projects designed include steel-framed reinforced concrete, composite (steel & concrete), and timber and masonry commercial, industrial and residential structures. Many of the projects have included a study phase where a variety of structural systems were evaluated in order to establish the
system which best-satisfied strength, cost, and aesthetic criteria. Coinciding with design engineering and architectural knowledge is a familiarity with a variety of codes (SABS 0400, 0100, 0160, 0162, 0163, 1200, etc), standards, construction methods and equipment. Most structural and civil analysis is performed on computer using a relevant design package whereby large projects can be analyzed both for static and dynamic loads.


Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering

Dolomithic Subsoil

Hydrological Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



Landscape Architecture

Town Planning

Quantity Surveying

Project Management and Construction Administration

Labour Intensive Construction Methods




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