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The joint turnkey experience of the directors and personnel in the building industry includes all commonly employed construction methods and materials. Structural Projects designed include steel-framed reinforced concrete, composite (steel & concrete), and timber and masonry commercial, industrial and residential structures. Many of the projects have included a study phase where a variety of structural systems were evaluated in order to establish the
system which best-satisfied strength, cost, and aesthetic criteria. Coinciding with design engineering and architectural knowledge is a familiarity with a variety of codes (SABS 0400, 0100, 0160, 0162, 0163, 1200, etc), standards, construction methods and equipment. Most structural and civil analysis is performed on computer using a relevant design package whereby large projects can be analyzed both for static and dynamic loads.


Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering

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Landscape Architecture

Town Planning

Quantity Surveying

Project Management and Construction Administration

Labour Intensive Construction Methods